Daily Prompt: Bounty

via Daily Prompt: Bounty

Bounty is a word that is synonymous with overflowing, prosperity and gratitude.  The last word, most describes the word.  When we feel gratitude, love is overflowing inside us.  When there is contentment in the most essential things.  Then we are indeed bountiful.

Have a bountiful celebration with Christ in your heart, whatever your circumstance and wherever you are celebrating this season.

Christmas is felt more than seen.  It is in our hearts.  And may we share it even to the less privileged and the downtrodden.  That is what Christmas is all about.   Sharing Christ to the ones we meet.


Looking forward to a bountiful New Year too!




10 Curly Disasters

10 Curly Disasters

I have always been kinky hair when I was small.  But it used to be my asset.  It runs in the family specifically in the lineage of my father.  My father is also curly hair, the same with my aunt, two uncles in the paternal side.

But when I tried to straighten it when I was in first year college, at that time when curling chemicals do not have treatments.  My hair sufferred a lot and it never went back to its original form.

But I love my curly thick hair.  But in the  Philippines you would always encounter people who would ask you why don’t you have it rebond?

We were too conditioned that a beautiful hair is straight long hair.   Here are my ten curly disasters:

  1. It is always a jerk when you pass the parlor and the gay staff would say, “ Day, rebond mo hair mo?”

As if he will be the one to pay for it.

  1. Too thick, it is like a wig.

One time, my classmates in high school noticed that my hair is like a wig.  It was thick and not frizzy that time.  Now that I am grown- up I realize that my God gave me a thick hair so as to even donate. I was thinking of donating my hair for a cause.

  1. Frizzy

My hair has been frizzy ever since.  Someone would asks, Mahangin ba sa labas?”  ( Is it windy outside).  And I answered, “Yes”.

  1. Prone to dandruff.

I thought before I am the only one who suffers from dandruff but when my officemates before, who has a curly hair told me that she also suffer from such.  Then I realized I am not alone in this lot.

  1. Bangs is not the usual fashion.

When I was younger, I would try to have bangs and also the spike one.  I could say that I can go about it.  But now, I have a difficulty styling it because it tends to get curly.

  1. Combs sometimes get damaged.

It is not easy to comb.  You have to do it patiently.  How many times I have to buy the comb because it gets damage with use.

  1. Did you comb your hair?It goes with the wind.

I would always make a blank stare with this question.    As it can go from north to south and east to west, depending on the direction of the wind.

  1. Relaxing hair 

I never relaxed my hair more than twice, because after three days, it goes back to its normal self.  So what a waste of money.  Make sure that when you do this, you have to have it hot oil or else it will get dry.  And you may not recover it immediately.

  1. Straightening Products or Equipments

I only straighten my hair during occasions. The first was during a Christmas party.  Of course, they did not recognize me immediately.  I won the awards for Star of the Night.

Other than two occasions, I do not do it because it can be damaged with over heating.  And it is not advisable either.

  1. Until one day I just make the most of it.

They do not have it anyway.  My schoolmate in the graduate school told me that if I am in Vietnam, I would be very beautiful to their standards.  I learned that 95 % of Vietnamese women have straight hair.


Wow!  I would be a rarity in that country.  So I must as well embrace my curly hair.





Wabi – Sabi

I am perfect in my imperfections

Trudging the daily narratives of life

Just to realize that real beauty is not in the freshness

of a flower

But in its decay

My body is more than its wrinkles and scars

Lo behold, they are the marks of my experiences and travails

Had I known this when I was young

I would not hidden my flaws in my long dresses

I would not have shied away from the stares of people

No matter how we hide with make up

The beauty lies beneath the epidermis

Grey hair untouched

Beauty is not just in summer or spring

But also in winter and fall

The leaves turning into the color of the earth

Falling thru the streets with gait.

Chiseled by those tumbles and fumbles

Thru life’s adversity

I am complete with my incompleteness

For there is the beauty in the imperfections

And impermanence in the mundane.

If I had to Write One Verse

I lost my Mom this year due to chronic pneumonia. I wrote this before when she is still alive and this poem resonates more now that she is in a better place.

If I Had to Write One Verse

If I had to write the sweetest poems

A song which has a great refrain

All that I am, all that I could be

And all that I will ever be

Her rhythm is written in the yearnings of my soul

Her smile the sun of the brightest star

Her belly is the labyrinth of the ocean

Where life flows,

Where life solely beats

If I have to write one line,

One Verse –


Haiku in the Times of Pandemic

I was into haiku writing especially during the lockdown. In the place I am now, we are in a General Community Quarantine as of the moment.

Let me share my haiku during the times when things were uncertain and people are not moving that much.

Eight o’clock, siren sounds

As people hurried home quick

 Turning a ghost town

Forty days lockdown-

Turned me a hungry zombie

Sun envelope me.

I devour your presence

I am Infected with the veerus

This love pandemic

Am one PUI

Your Infection is fatal

This Love pandemic

If I Could See You in a Year

If I could See You in A Year


If there is a chance you could come by

I will see you in half circles

And lift you up in my sight

To hold each other’s hands in loops and hoops


When the pandemic is gone

And people could go by

Their daily grind and pick up their pieces

with the New Normal

Beauty likened that in the baby’s smile


If I could see you in a year

I will touch you with the touch of the queen

So soft and  clear

The days will be bright and green



I will hold you in my arms

And envelop my body

With your shoulders

Like the starlight




If I could smell your breath

And touch your silken skin

I will seal that scent of you

In a bottle where I can print our encounter


But the wings of uncertainty

Is not about to dwindle between us

A spike in the curve is yet to fall

Our eyes will make a sigh


What is certain –

Our endearment is there to ease

The serendipity of life’s

Going and passing



We can weave our summer stories

And string it like a shell in the shores

Battling our fears and throw it one by one

To the sea of the unknowing.


In the Time of Covid

Hi ! How have you been coping with the Pandemic.  I hope you are all fine, safe and well in this trying times of history.

This COVID had made me do the things I have been wanting to do because I have more time, though I in a Work From Home Arrangements.  The  pocket wifi signal is not that much cooperative but I nonetheless cope up with my work requirments.

Things I had to be grateful about:

So I had more time for my family.

To draw more


To write in my blog  ( Yes, this entry)

Cook food



Clean and do some laundry

Biking around the village.  I notice a lot of my neighbors are biking now as no pujs are plying the routes

Boost my immune system





Read the books I have been wanting to read

Write poetry

But of course, I miss the field work, face to face interaction.  But it gave me a chance to instropect and focus on the essential things in life.


Really, you just woke up one day that the world turn upside down.  Going out of our comfort zone and we must all think out of the box in this extraordinary times.

How are you coping with this pandemic.  Is anxiety luring?  Yes, we need to take care of our well-being for everybody’s survival.

We move as One.  We are All Interconnected.  I believe this is the time that public and private sector should help hand in hand to make us survive.

Praying that this too shall Pass!












Traversing Aningalan Highlands before the Pandemic

Social distancing would not be difficult if you have a place like this one in San Remegio, Antique, Philippines.

I had the chance to experience the beauty and the majestic landscape  of the Highland of Aningalan in San Remegio, Antique, prior to the lock down due to NCOV.  My last fieldwork before the city of Iloilo was declared under the order of Community Quarantine and later Enhanced Community Quarantine.  Dubbed as the Summer Capital of Panay in Western Visayas.  The travel is worth it.  My companion who is a locale of Brgy. Aningalan rode in a jeep which used to be a mini bus to this tourist attraction.


I tasted the native coffee at Aningalan Highglands served with fresh Mushroom burgers.  When one is atop this restaurant, one can have a good view of the moutains and the sunset.


20200311_160612There are a lot of tourist attractions to be explored in this gtown such as the Aningalan Highlands, Strawberry Farm, and also this is where you cold find the biggest flower named Rafessia.   Raffessia can be found only in San Remegio, Barbaza, Culasi, Valderrama and Sibalom, Antique.  The temperature was cool and it is becoming a tourist attraction.

The travel was short lived as it is part of my work.  I went back to Sibalom, Antique via a rented motorcycle.  Then rode a jeep to go back straight to San Jose, Antique, the capital town of Antique.  About 31 kilometers from Sibalom, Antique.


An alternate route is through Aklan via Ceres bus with the signboard San Jose Antique. You may drop by Sibalom, Antique and ride the San Remegio jeep.  Take note that there is only two trips of jeeps scheduled at 6 am and 1 PM.  There are more jeep coming from San Jose, the capital town of Antique.



Next time will be a planned trip for me and my friends.  When you experience home quarantine for the first time, you will never take for granted the simplicity of life and the joys of travel/







20 Random Facts About Me

The challenge today is to write 20 random facts about myself.

  1.  I am pesco-vegetarian since 2007
  2. I have a dog named Spotify
  3. I love to eat bitter gourd
  4. I love writing poetry
  5. I am a book lover and the first book that touched me most was El Filibusterismo and Noli Me Tangere by Jose Rizal
  6. My name is a combi of my Dad and my Mom’s name
  7. I study well in a garden
  8. I am detail oriented
  9. My favorite subject in elementary is Math
  10. I love gardening so much

11.  I love dancing since childhood

12.  My favorite male perfume is musk

13.  I was a muse of our library club in primary school

14.  I love crafts and personalized cards

15.  I am a hopeless romantic

16.  The first country I visited was Malaysia

17.  I have worked in a migrant non government organization run by the Good Shepherd Sisters

18.  My dream in college is to visit around the Philippines more than going abroad

19.  I thrive on chaos

20.  I love self help books



It was tough doing this challenge.  Why don’t you do this yourself too.









Boracay after the Island Rehabilitation



I was curious how does the island look now that it has been rehabilitated.  Luckily my friends got to see each other.  you see, we have a hard time seeing each other in Manila as when I am there it is mostly business and surprisingly, we met in Boracay.

Being in Aklanon, I did not have a hard time entering the island as I thought it would be considering the restrictions of the government.  I just presented my Voters ID indicating that I am a native and a voter in fact.


The most noticeable portion is there is not much congestion compared to my last visit in May of 2017.  Now, I can have more breathing space.  I got to basked in the sand without that difficulty in getting space because no more reclining chairs in the beach front.


Not much partying at night, though there is still bar music.  How I wish Boracay would maintain its less traffic considering the devastations that it incurred due to high volume of tourist entering the island.  With the limited carrying capacity that the island could have, it is just proper to regulate the establishments and the volume of tourists to be able to preserve it for the future generations and for sustainable tourism.


The next morning, had some swim, but it was more enjoyable, as no much competition in terms of space.  The water is still crystal clear but the sand I think is still smooth but not as white as I used to imagine it.


I do not want to touch much on politics for this entry and I would say that I enjoyed my stay there albeit short.  Anyway, Boracay is just an hour bus ride away from our place.



Sometimes it takes an unplanned meeting and it turned out the best for us.  When the universe just conspires to be in one place.