The Bakhawan Eco Park in Kalibo, Aklan

I have been living in Aklan almost all my life but I only got the chance to visit Bakhawan Eco Park in our capital town of Kalibo.  It is a mangrove reforestation project by some people organizations and the local government of Kalibo in the province of Aklan.


This is not just a mangrove park but a sanctuary for different species that thrive in the mangroves.  One  can do boating, kayaking, picnic and educational tours.  This also serves as a laboratory for different species of mangroves or what is locally called bakhawan in our dialect.  You can have a taste of the tamilok that is being found here.


If you want peace and quiet, you can find it here  and be with the mangroves.  If people would just manage their environment, then disasters could be prevented and also contribute to local ecotourism.

The Bakhawan Ecopark is a model of best practices in the environmental stewardship of the locals.








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