A Glimpse of Dumagute

Six hours travel from Bacolod City, Dumaguete in Negros Oriental is one of my dream destination. The main attractions in Dumaguete City is the baywalk. The baywalk is where the port is located going to Cebu and Siquijor Island. The latter used to be a part of Dumaguete province.

The downtown area is urbane and hip with quite small shopping district but it is where you get a glimpse of night life as bars and restaurant cafe with international tastes is located. No wonder because there is a large number of tourists both male or female who lives temporarily or permanently in Dumaguete.





Nightlife in Dumaguete is something to experience. There are street vendors selling different street foods in the baywalk area. Some children groups perform songs for a donation. Balut vendor abounds among others.


The famous baywalk of Dumaguete.  Captured early morning of my visit.





Cafe with wifi is abundant with Scooby’s, Gabby’s Bed and Breakfast and the famous Silvanas and Sans Rival of Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries.   One could get a taste of what is served in Manila at an affordable prices. At Gabby’s Bed and Breakfast, you would have a free breakfast consist of “budbud”, ripe mangoes and tsokolate dip. Budbud is sticky rice covered in banana leaves. Aside from native breakfast, you can order pizza, pasta and sandwiches.


My favorite spa located at RM Guest house gives a soothing foot massage with slightly body massage. One can have a facial package with massage at a very affordable price.

Siliman University is known for literary stalwarts and have been a venue for literary workshops in the Philippines. What is so unique is the mode of transportation with most of the people here have motorbikes or scooter. You will see women in sexy dresses driving a motorcycle with small auto body attached in it.

Right beside the Cathedral is the famous Dumaguete Belfry or Campanero de Dumaguete. It is one of the oldest belfry in the Philippines and historical at that.

Truly, Dumaguete is a cool place maximizing its very relaxed pace and atmosphere. Cheap food and simple living- that is what characterize Dumaguete. It can boost of its tourism and take advantage of its strategic location as as gateway for other tourist destinations in the country. No wonder it is called as the City of Gentle People.


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