Of Mud Houses and Ecological Tourism

IMG_0313I have a fascination for mud houses or others would call it cob houses. I learned about this in one of my books on Simplicity. When I got to live in Negros, particulary in Bacolod City, I was excited when I knew that there are mud houses or structure within Negros.

Nature’s Park in Talisay City

The first one I visited was the mud house at Nature’s Village in Talisay City. Nature’s Village is a resort -hotel venue for events, team building and has a restaurant in it. Natures Village is true to its vision of providing a nature friendly eco- tourist friendly venue. I visited this place to satisfy my curiosity.

So I was able to see a genuine one and I was so impressed. Unlike the usual houses which is shaped either rectangle or square, mud houses are usually shaped either curving or round. It is made of mud literally with few sands and some straw, lime, water, rice haul. It is formed using the hands.








Earth Chapel of University of Negros Recoletos

The second of its kind is the Earth Chapel inside the University of Negros Recolletos in Lizares St. in Bacolod City. The Earth Chapel was made by volunteers. And what really fascinates me is how artistically it was made. The floor, the ceiling are all very artistically done and made by loving hands.
A collaboration of three artists in Negros. The Kristo ni Alvarado, a mosaic of the Cross is the centerpiece of the chapel. It is the only solar powered chapel in the country.

A spiritual edifice which is a realization of our connection to the environment. This is Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation in praxis.

Mud houses are quite cheap to do although it needs some helping hands but it is worth it. It is environmentally friendly and very economical. It is also climate friendly as the mud has a cooling down effect when the temperature outside gets hot.

In fact I dream of putting up my own mud house someday. And this is my way of looking at how others made it. It is indeed feasible.



  1. Marlan Estacio · May 3, 2016

    love it!


  2. ederline · May 19, 2016

    Thanks Marl for the like! Just keep browsing!


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