This article is a response on the prompt Chaos.

I thrive on chaos.  I find orderly things to be boring.  Filipinos like me thrive on chaos.  You can see how the jeepneys in Philippine roads do their driving.  They drive bumper to bumpers.  While commuters also do not follow certain rules.  They cross in side of the streets where there is a “No Jaywalking” sign.  There is no order.  Everybody has his own set of rules.  They are orderly in their chaos.


The Chaos theory states that life started in Chaos first before Creation.


I do not know but I really do operate in chaos.  In management setting, you have to have a sense of order.  Otherwise, it will be time wasters.  I have learned to manage my activities, somehow.


My best friend is the opposite of me.  And she said that successful people in the corporate world are those who have a system of order in their personal life and in the office.


Why do I tend to be disorganized.   I do not know but some would say that it is a reflection of your mind.


If you are used to multitasking, you really cannot avoid a certain level of chaos because in a dynamic world, that is how it is.


There can never be orderliness when there is no disorderliness.












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