No matter how religiously

you bleached your skin

You remain

Daughetrs of the Sun

Your sun kissed skin

The beauty exotic to others

Perfectly baked by the Gods

Shining like gold.


They have taught us to use skin whiteners

To wear sun glasses even inside a scaffolds

When our skin are made to be protected

From the rays of the sun

Our eyes, black and brown

Beautiful as the fruit of the duhat tree

Our hair, our skin

Choco like from the cacao tree.


Fit for our climate’s concoction.

We were born in the land

where the sun is abundant,

hospitable and magnanimous.


Flaunt thy color

Savor its malt flavored goodness

Embrace the complexion you were endowed with

Embrace your own spirit


Hail thy Motherland

The sacred space you were gifted.


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