A Letter for Future Self


Dear Future Self,

You emerge a victor

All this ups and downs

ebb and flows

rising and falling.


Of mountains and valleys

Of search for  richness

and a better version of you.


In this journey,

Five decades hence

Your body may not be

The youthful body you had once

You did not shed all the pounds

But you shed

Those inhibitions

Those fears and confusions.


Self criticisms

Bullying by others out of their

own insecurities

Your unease

Were gone.


Grace and fortitude

Tall as a tree

Planted in original ground

Bearing fruits suited to the soil

where you were planted.


The physical scars are no longer there

Your physical body  emerged

A more confident you.


In the crease of your forehead

Lies the wisdom of your

unending search for truth

Written in every pages of your life.


Love much,

Your present Self.












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