Crossing A River

I wrote this poem as part of my grief therapy.  I share this to all who has lost their loved ones or those who are experiencing loss.


Crossing a River

I want to imagine you

crossing a river

that is smooth and calm.


That alone could make me

at peace

At this bitter reality.


And someday, my time of crossing

that river will come.


It was a bumpy ride at acceptance

of loss, and of parting

at the most unexpected time


When we are about just starting our

new life together.


The memories is all that I gather



and see vividly with my imagination.

Hold these memories in the palm of my hand

And throw it at the river

where you will flow smoothly


And you were there

Slowly, slowly

Crossing in peace


For my sanity to keep.






One comment

  1. ederline · October 19, 2016

    Thanks erleargonza for the liking this poem.


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