The Dream

The Dream


Last night,

When the mud flood

Swept the water from the river

To our house,

Neighbors rushing to our old house for shelter.


You visited me at the wee of the night

In my dream you told me,

“ I am well”.

Your let me touch your forehead

Telling me,

“ Do not worry, I am well.”


I savor the moment to guide

Me in my waking state.


When the flood is gone,

My anguished body was healed at last.

The storm left a piece of note.




My Days of Counting from the Sea

My Days of Counting from the Sea

I learned to count from the sea

As I gathered the puca shells and stringed them into


I learned to dance at life’s adversities jumping as

Rushing waves would hit me

The rustling winds

Whispers to me an uyayi

Cradling me to sleep.

I learned  to subtract loneliness from the flock of

sea urchins

At the bay.

I learned collective toil from fishers pulling the

Nets full of the day’s catch and divide them


They went home with happiness for their family’s

Food feast for the day.

I am relieved and let go of my inhibitions

As I removed my feet’s sandals

To feel the fine sand in my ankles.

And every time I am in want ,

I just have to remember my days of counting from the sea.