Gender and Microfinance

Gender and Microfinance


Women are usually the beneficiaries of microfinance at least here in the Philippines.  Having been in this industry for a cumulative eight years, originally it was intended as a response for women to be empowered financially and also in terms of decision-making in the household.  The usual debate have been always whether microfinance has empowered women in different aspects of economic production, gender decision-making.

I was once priviliged to be invited  by TESDA  ( Technical Educations Skills Development Authority) in Negros Occidental  to be one of the Experts or Judge Sari Sari Store Services Competition during the Panaad Fetival last April 2013.  Fellow judges were the Regional Manager of Coca Cola in Visayas and Councilor Atty. Josie Sigue- Batapa of Bacolod City.

I had the chance to impart my technical know-how on microfinance and gender.  Aspects that were rated in judging the competition were :  scores on quiz on microfinance and gender,  Interpolation on how to apply a loan, Merchandise Display and how they compute their Income and Expense or Cash Flow Analysis.

Participants were from Negros for Tomorrow Foundation and another microfinance institutions.  I had a great time also playing a part in the mock in how to get a loan from microfinance.

This is a great initiative of Technical Education Skills and Development Authority the agency of the government which provides Voctech Education to out of school youth and for those who want to learn different courses.

Panaad sa Negros is the showcase of products of all municipalities of Negros Occidental Province.  It is usually held during summer.  This is the fastest way to learn about culture, history, and products of Negros Occidental all in one place, the Panaad Stadium.






Earth Chapel, University of Negros Recoletos


Campuestohan Highland Resort, Negros Occidental


The domesticated bats- Mambukal Resort, Brgy. Minoyan, Murcia