What are Pancakes For

I used  to devour pancake as a child

When you came to my life, cooking pancake

Is the love of a mother to a child.

When you left me in that instance

You’re like the bubbles in the pancake

It disappeared and the steam joined in the clouds

And now, I asked myself what are pancakes


When you are no longer there to eat it

When you are no longer there to appreciate


It is bland as the taste of the rain droplets

In my ceiling

But like the dough, I have to stand still

And be strong yet not stiff

I have to glazed it with the sweet memories

And spread a somewhat salty yet creamy butter of surprises

So I could go on with this ordeal

Of losing you.


Chapter’s Book Cafe – A Themed Cafe

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreamed of putting up a café with a lots of books in it. And one day, she went to Dipolog City, and she found her dream café. Chapters Book Café was one of my dream destination as I am an avid fan of The Little Prince. So once I set foot in this café, I was so fascinated primarily because of its concept and interiors. Not to add, the ambience being in front of the Sunset Boulevard in Dipolog City. Very conducive for reading, writing, relaxing and maybe reflection. Famous quotes from Little Prince is written all over the walls. I got to do my favourite activity, reading and having to eat some pica –pica at the same time. They also serve, cupcakes, siomai, pizza coffee, and juices.


If you happen to go to Dipolog City, I would recommend this café. The interiors are so kitsch. It is beauty in chaos. Reviews about this café were all positive especially on its interiors. Aside from Little Prince, the other side of the café has the concept of Alice in Wonderland. Take note of the upside down interiors. You can browse the books freely. Book titles range from children’s books, self-help, romance and health and wellness. I dream someday I would have a café like this. I have so much books already to display.

Do not go there early morning because they open at 10:00 AM. I can go here almost everyday and never get tired of it. Truly, it is my dream café. It faces the Dipolog Boulevard and you can sip your coffee or your juices and your creative juices starts flowing.













I wrote this poem as a vow of my fidelity to self.  Sometimes we were caught up in the swirl of other people especially our loved ones.  I wrote this to remind me to be faithful to one’s self before anything else.





Your dance is not my dance

Your swirl is not my swirl

My journal is for my own reading

My sacred space


I am more than the sum of my experiences, triumphs and joy.

Before being a Mother, a Sister or a Daughter

My fidelity first is

To my Self.

Acacia Tree

Acacia Tree


While the cycadas sing their hymn

And the fireflies begin to flame

Beside the window pane

I marvel at your hugeness

Beyond my outstretched hands


Centuries has passed

And you are witness to the conquest

While they remain to reign

Like the “kapri” who immortalized



We hear the plight of the masses

For genuine reform in the land their

Ancestors have tilled


When will this tower of hegemony ends

Until revolution is won.


But the cries of the ancient skies will be heard

The route to victory will be trailed

Wealth like water

Needs to flow

Not to be hoarded

The ebb and flow

The rise and fall

For society’s extinction not to bear.