Daily Prompt: Festive

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As I wrote on this prompt-festive, I would consider it an understatement to say that Filipinos is one of the most festive living creatures on this planet universe.  We have the longest Christmas starting from September extending up to January.  Nevertheless, we have all the festivals that you can imagine and it encompasses the social economic status.  Even the ultra poor spend for Christmas festivities.


We love festivals as we honor the sacred and the most mundane things here on planet earth

Due to work, the festivity does not sink in until I finished my pending tasks.  But still, family traditions and bonding remains the center of these celebrations.


This is also to thank those people who have been supportive of me throughout the year, my readers and fellow bloggers who would comment or like my posts.


The year 2016 was the birth of my blog.  And also, this is the time, I was delving again to poetry either as a creative expression or a therapy.

Let me greet you a very Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart!  Gratitude for all the lessons learned and the support from people.

Cheers to a great 2017!!














Daily Prompt: Bounty

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Bounty is a word that is synonymous with overflowing, prosperity and gratitude.  The last word, most describes the word.  When we feel gratitude, love is overflowing inside us.  When there is contentment in the most essential things.  Then we are indeed bountiful.

Have a bountiful celebration with Christ in your heart, whatever your circumstance and wherever you are celebrating this season.

Christmas is felt more than seen.  It is in our hearts.  And may we share it even to the less privileged and the downtrodden.  That is what Christmas is all about.   Sharing Christ to the ones we meet.


Looking forward to a bountiful New Year too!





The serene sea possessed the moon’s gleam

The galaxies of stars make shine the images of the building

The whole night we were stargazing

And the morning dew in the grass as cold as the air enveloping our bodies

At this moment,  your lips are the skies

And we found the most beautiful constellation in the universe.

Daily Prompt: Sacred

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We tend to forget the sacred due to our busyness and our dependence on technologies. We failed to honor the divine within and the sacredness of what this gift of day offered.  Rituals to honor the sacred are no longer a way of life but rather something that we have to work very hard.

Our life becomes mechanical and filled with lots of things just to survive and to do, rather than to be.