Falling Star



Falling Star you are!

Winked at me

And then disappear

You left me with no goodbyes


Falling star!

Your eyes flicker

And then I am charmed.


Into the grass I searched for you

If you have left some hints

All I found are morning mist.



Daily Prompt: Infinite

via Daily Prompt: Infinite


I thought of infinite with the mathematical symbol infinity.  In calculus, it almost always touches zero but never.  In a relationship, infinity is when you are almost there in a relationship but never there, always undefined.  It reminds me of the poem I wrote, entitled Infinity.



When it always almost touches zero

But never once and never will

When our eyes gaze straight at each other

I melted like eyes

But not allowing energy to flow

That is infinity..

We are almost there but never arrived

When you kissed me

But never acknowledge the meaning..

Our soul yearns for each other

But our bodies point to a different


When I dream a thousand dreams

And woke up in that dream

To a reality

That is infinity

Never touches forever..

Infinity… Infinity.

Catching my breath…