Colors of the Rainbow

Red are beginnings filled with hope and dreams Amber yellow are middles Indigo are endings before we reached the vast horizon Nothing beats Oh lo and behold! Windows of the sky.

Source: Colors of the Rainbow


Colors of the Rainbow

Red are beginnings filled with hope and dreams Amber yellow are middles Indigo are endings before we reached the vast horizon Nothing beats Oh lo and behold! Windows of the sky.

Source: Colors of the Rainbow

The Adventures at Pulang Bato Falls and Red Rock Hot Spring in Valencia, Negros Oriental





I asked some friends from Dumaguete what is the not so far tourism spot near the city but worth going to and they recommended to me Valencia, Negros Oriental for its falls and Hot Spring.


Valencia, is a municipality in Negros Oriental about 30 minutes away from Dumaguete City.  Going to the Red Rock Hot Spring, you will be awed at the Smoky Boulders along the way.  This is a source of geothermal power for Negros Oriental.  I can’t help but tell our rented motorcycle to stop and take our pictures there at the side of the road.






When we arrived at Red Rock Hot Spring, we were mesmerized at the beauty of nature. It is not so big spring but it is so refreshing.  It is known to have medicinal properties. The water is so soothing sans the high mineral content.  My eyes wallowed in tears after the bath because of its high mineral content and I have to wash it thoroughly. 






We have to rent a table as it is the only available.  We wonder at the rocks and mountains surrounding the spring.










After the dips, we went to the Twin Falls about one kilometer away from the Red Rock Hot Spring.




This Twin Falls is still unedited version.  Except for some tents and  some amenities, it is still in its original form.  One falls is called the Pulangbato because of its color and its high sulfur content.  The other one has no sulfur, very clear.  What a wonder on God’s creation.  I hope it will remain this way.  The people are still not so materialistic and quite accommodating.  I would really recommend this tourist destination for its relaxed, amazing falls.










Fire Tree

Since it is February, the month of Love, let me speak in the language of love.  What better way to do this is to write my English poem in my own native language Tagalog.  I will also attach the English version.  Here it is?

May Puno ng Apoy

May puno ng apoy

Na nagniningas sa puso ko

Ang ningas na ito ay maligalig at sakdal init

Ramdam ko pa ang mga dampi ng iyong halik

Na naninibugho sa iyong maamong pagsuyo

Ngunit ang aking isipan ay naguguluhan sa kung paano susuko sa tuluyan

Ipikit mo ang iyong mga mata at maaaninag mo ang walang hanggang ningas

Naramdaman mo ba ang tibok nito?

Para sa iyo lamang

Ang mga bituin sa aking mga mata

Ay dahil sa iyo.

At kung alam mo lang

Ang misteryo ng iyong presensiya ay tulay

Ng Ngayon at Magpakailanman.



Fire Tree in Me

There is a fire tree burning

Inside my heart for you

This flame is burning deeply

I still feel the sensation of your kiss

And longing for your gentle caress

But my mind still struggling in complete surrender

Close your eyes, you will see eternal flame

Do you feel the beatings of it

For you

The stars twinkling in my eyes

Because of you

If you only knew

The enigma of your presence bridges

Now and Forever.



Happy Hearts Month everyone!!

Clean- Letting Go of the Old

via Daily Prompt: Clean

It has always been a challenge for me to clean my room and the house especially that I was busy from December last year to whole of January.  This is the time to spring clean.  But what I have actually achieved is to ditch relationships that does not work already in my growth as a person.


Just like the dresses that has been damaged and are outdated in my box, relationships that are to be mended and can be used were repaired.


My bags is a challenge everyday to clean as I keep so many receipts that are not in anyway needed to be filed.

I open to new energies in my life and to the Universe.

Happy Cleaning everyone!




Tummy Tuck



You tuck your tummy

You wish it is flat

You neglect its wishes

All she wants is listen

And give her dire attention



Your belly

The seat of creation

Find the chakra of passion

Expanding to the universe so designed

Feed her with nurturance


It gives you butterflies

It constipates with unease


Ditch the girdle

The belly jeans

That which constricts its breath

Celebrate its roundedness


Walk and be proud as tall as a tree

Honor thy Womb.





The Calendar Metaphor


January is the humming of the birds singing a tune forming resolutions and

theme for the whole year

February is a universal vibration of musings of the heart.  When chocolates and flowers abound.

March heralds the tune of summer in fiery ember

April is the celebration of poets, artists in gala

May is the flower’s blossoming for the sagala




June is birthing, planting for students, teachers, peasants and all who toils.

July when rain is generous for the hungry soil

August Moonson rain and lean season  for the farmers.

September morn- the glitz

October the anniversary of death of a loved one

November is topaz birthstone shining

December the love of the spring.