The Adventures at Pulang Bato Falls and Red Rock Hot Spring in Valencia, Negros Oriental





I asked some friends from Dumaguete what is the not so far tourism spot near the city but worth going to and they recommended to me Valencia, Negros Oriental for its falls and Hot Spring.


Valencia, is a municipality in Negros Oriental about 30 minutes away from Dumaguete City.  Going to the Red Rock Hot Spring, you will be awed at the Smoky Boulders along the way.  This is a source of geothermal power for Negros Oriental.  I can’t help but tell our rented motorcycle to stop and take our pictures there at the side of the road.






When we arrived at Red Rock Hot Spring, we were mesmerized at the beauty of nature. It is not so big spring but it is so refreshing.  It is known to have medicinal properties. The water is so soothing sans the high mineral content.  My eyes wallowed in tears after the bath because of its high mineral content and I have to wash it thoroughly. 






We have to rent a table as it is the only available.  We wonder at the rocks and mountains surrounding the spring.










After the dips, we went to the Twin Falls about one kilometer away from the Red Rock Hot Spring.




This Twin Falls is still unedited version.  Except for some tents and  some amenities, it is still in its original form.  One falls is called the Pulangbato because of its color and its high sulfur content.  The other one has no sulfur, very clear.  What a wonder on God’s creation.  I hope it will remain this way.  The people are still not so materialistic and quite accommodating.  I would really recommend this tourist destination for its relaxed, amazing falls.











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