Missing my Blog

Missing my Blog

Hi guys! I am missing my blog, because it has been weeks that I have not posted. I was busy with work and a travel for a training in Goa, India. I would like to talk about my visit to this State of India, not as a tourist but on a training trip.

I got to taste the different Indian food served at the Blu Radisson Resort in Goa, India. I love the villas in that hotel and the service is superb.

I am amazed by the abundance of crow all over the hotel Butterflies abound too. I got the chance to do barefoot walking at Cavelossim Beach.



There is more to the culture of India that I admire so much. Aside from the fact that our family name could be traced from this part of the world,



I have a theory that our forefathers were Indian who got to trade in the Visayas island of the Philippines. So I can say that India is quite significant to me.

The people are also like the people here in the Philippines, warm and accommodating. See some of my pictures. Of course, the lovely sunset at Cavelossim Beach was perfect. It was also my first time to watch bioflourescence in the beach with my co trainee. So much to explore about India and its people.







Learning History in Dapitan




One of the most romantic place I visited was Dapitan in Zamboanga del Norte, aside from its historical significance.  That is where our National Hero, Jose Rizal was exiled before he was killed in Bagumbayan by the Spanish army.


It is a simple, provincial place but the place has a lot of character in it.  I was able to visit it as part of my work.  It would take you about two and a half hours if you rode the Fast Cat but if you rode the other RORO vessel, it would take you about four hours at the minimum.


I rode the Fast Cat ferry from Dumaguete to Dapitan port, I stayed in Dipolog City in one of the hotels there.


Talisay, Dapitan is the actual place where Rizal bought a property while in exile.  Inside that property is the original house, clinic, school and other structures preserved by the National Historical Commission.  Also, the Museo ni Rizal is situated in this property.  You will learn the many hats played by the National Hero while in Dapitan.  Practicing as an ophthalmologist, he met her de facto wife Josephine Bracken, an Irish woman.



The property of Rizal is at the beach front of Dapitan Bay.  It is described by Rizal as where the mountain meets the sky.  No wonder that Rizal fell in love with the place and wrote many poems and other writings in this part of the South.

At the Dapitan plaza, one can see the map designed by Rizal. Also in front of it is the Church of Dapitan wherein Rizal would usually attend mass.


We also visited the Embarcadero or the Landing Site, the area where Rizal landed upon his exile in Dapitan.  Such a romantic location and picturesque is an understatement.


I love Dapitan!



The Adventures at Pulang Bato Falls and Red Rock Hot Spring in Valencia, Negros Oriental





I asked some friends from Dumaguete what is the not so far tourism spot near the city but worth going to and they recommended to me Valencia, Negros Oriental for its falls and Hot Spring.


Valencia, is a municipality in Negros Oriental about 30 minutes away from Dumaguete City.  Going to the Red Rock Hot Spring, you will be awed at the Smoky Boulders along the way.  This is a source of geothermal power for Negros Oriental.  I can’t help but tell our rented motorcycle to stop and take our pictures there at the side of the road.






When we arrived at Red Rock Hot Spring, we were mesmerized at the beauty of nature. It is not so big spring but it is so refreshing.  It is known to have medicinal properties. The water is so soothing sans the high mineral content.  My eyes wallowed in tears after the bath because of its high mineral content and I have to wash it thoroughly. 






We have to rent a table as it is the only available.  We wonder at the rocks and mountains surrounding the spring.










After the dips, we went to the Twin Falls about one kilometer away from the Red Rock Hot Spring.




This Twin Falls is still unedited version.  Except for some tents and  some amenities, it is still in its original form.  One falls is called the Pulangbato because of its color and its high sulfur content.  The other one has no sulfur, very clear.  What a wonder on God’s creation.  I hope it will remain this way.  The people are still not so materialistic and quite accommodating.  I would really recommend this tourist destination for its relaxed, amazing falls.










Chapter’s Book Cafe – A Themed Cafe

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreamed of putting up a café with a lots of books in it. And one day, she went to Dipolog City, and she found her dream café. Chapters Book Café was one of my dream destination as I am an avid fan of The Little Prince. So once I set foot in this café, I was so fascinated primarily because of its concept and interiors. Not to add, the ambience being in front of the Sunset Boulevard in Dipolog City. Very conducive for reading, writing, relaxing and maybe reflection. Famous quotes from Little Prince is written all over the walls. I got to do my favourite activity, reading and having to eat some pica –pica at the same time. They also serve, cupcakes, siomai, pizza coffee, and juices.


If you happen to go to Dipolog City, I would recommend this café. The interiors are so kitsch. It is beauty in chaos. Reviews about this café were all positive especially on its interiors. Aside from Little Prince, the other side of the café has the concept of Alice in Wonderland. Take note of the upside down interiors. You can browse the books freely. Book titles range from children’s books, self-help, romance and health and wellness. I dream someday I would have a café like this. I have so much books already to display.

Do not go there early morning because they open at 10:00 AM. I can go here almost everyday and never get tired of it. Truly, it is my dream café. It faces the Dipolog Boulevard and you can sip your coffee or your juices and your creative juices starts flowing.












Mambukal Resort: A haven outside of the City Scape


My favorite escapade outside of Bacolod City is the Mambukal Resort in Brgy. Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental. The first time I went here, I said to myself, I was in paradise. As I see the domesticated bats flying while I was basking in the hot spring, I could not help to be in awe as I watched how balanced the ecosystem is in this place.

The travel time from Bacolod City would be about 30 minutes by bus.

The only thing that makes me sad is that the entrance was P50.00 making it difficult for ordinary people to enjoy the beauties of nature considering that this should be enjoyed by common people.



Activities include, swimming in the hot spring, swimming in the  swimming pool, boating, mountain hiking, camping, butterfly watching, zip line, wall climbing among others. The hot spring is what I enjoy the most, because it is not only good for my skin, but also for my nerves. There is also spa available inside the Resort.

The water comes from the foot of Mt. Kanlaon. There is place cold Sulfur spring, where you can get some water with high sulfuric content. The temperature is quite high. Also the soil is sulfuric which could be good as mask for your skin.

You can go picnic either in the cottage, or along the banks. What is interesting, are the trees which are old have been retained thus shade is abundant and what makes it so ecologically balanced.

There is a Seven Falls which you could explore up but you have to do this at your own risk. I havent gone there, but plans to do this next time . To do mountain trekking.

There is more to explore in this beautiful nature getaway. If you want to stay there for few days, there are available cottages at a reasonable price. You can temporarily find some quite and serenity outside of the city in this Nature Resort.