Lake Sebu – A Cultural Feast and a Hideaway from the Urban Scape



One of the most geographically endowed municipality I have ever visited in the Philippines is Lake Sebu in South Cotabato. A lake surrounded by mountains and forests. The landscape is part of the domain of Allah Valley. A home to indigenous peoples from T’boli, Manobo, Terurays and Ubos. Its forests are a habitat to deers and birds such as kingfishers, herons, egrets and others.

I was able to go there due to work assignment with an international research organization. These area is covered by the study. And I would say that it so rich not only geographically but also culturally.

Although It was a short visit, I was mesmerized by the place and I promise myself, I would go back there.

Home to an endemic tilapia, Lake Sebu is the biggest among three lakes in the area, approximately 380 hectares in area.



The famous tinalak, a cloth is usually made in T’boli. Art is visible in the crafts from furnitures, handicraft and their dances and movements. If you want to traverse the lake, you can have it through the floating restaurant managed by Punta Isla Resort. By the way, the only means of transportation in the interior is thru habal-habal or motorcycle.



Morning is foggy and so serene due to the lake’s presence. There is really a lot to explore in this place considered as a cultural landscape by UNESCO.


From Marbel, the travel would take about an hour. But I assure you it is really worth it.





You are like that sunset at Cavelossim Beach

No, not the first time I saw you
But the second glance
That countenance

Slowly we became lovers
Entering the world of colour
Filled with Magenta and plum

The first kiss,
The first time
We explored the waves of our bodies,
In its ebb and flow

Your smell , like the kiwi in its sourness
But leaves a bite
To this untouched forests of desires

The rawness of your lips
Touching me in the half dark
The shoulders that envelope my frailness

We were finding artifacts
The ethnography of our being,
Oh why the sky was so different in its hues
Conversing every love is unique
Leaving footprints

In my soul forever.


Seeing the Familiar with an Unfamiliar Eyes

There is a tendency for us to neglect the familiar. Sometimes it takes an outsider to appreciate what we have in our surroundings.   I have been a local tourist.  Before dreaming of going to other countries, my one dream is to see the majority of the scenic spots of my beautiful country Philippines.


With 7,100 islands, archipelagic and with summer and rainy season, it is one of the best place on planet Earth.


Not only as a tourist, but also in terms of products, I devour locally made products. And I promise to participate or contribute something in my own locale.


That is part of knowing one’s origin and being grounded in my roots.

Sweet November

November just passed away without a glitch.  November is my birth month.  When I was in elementary, I would read the horoscope in the library, I was reading the predictions for Sagitarrius.   But when I reached high school, I became Scorpio.  I would consider myself a clusp.


November 21  is the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord.  Also, the birthday of my grandmother named Presentacion.  In the olden days, children are named according to the feast or the saint they were born with.  Good, my mother did not named me Presentacion  II.  Lol!  My name was invented from the combination of my mother and father’s name.  Edison and Angelina, they just put an R to make in sounds better.

November is also the birth of my loved one and a lot of things happened. We were born a week apart.


My friend who is older by me by 13 years was born on the same month, so we got to celebrate our birthdays together.


November, is also the month of remembering dear loved ones in heaven.


So November is really a celebration of life and the lives of those who have passed this earth.   A celebration of hello and goodbye.  But life is just like that, a coming and going.  What is important is we live our mission well.







Succulents bloom

Violets are blue

If you are the weed

I am the flower in between



I grow anywhere I am planted

Downstream or upstream

In harsh weather and in cool day


Wildflower flowing to the journey of the wind.




Poverty touched my hands today

He smiled and gripped my arms

Asking for just one meal


Will I give out of generosity

Or will I give out of guilt

Why do they have no options, while I have mine.


Poverty touched my hands today

And it cracks the aqua colored fiber of my oblivion.






Halo-Halo Poetry

Halo – Halo literally mix- mix is composed of shaven ice and sweetened fruits and beans.  If special, it has an ice cream.  Halo-halo is also a metaphor of the culture of the Filipino.  The more, the merrier.  I wrote a poetry in honor of this favorite concoction.  I think, halo-halo is the epitome of the Filipino’s penchant for sweets and cold food, a hit during summer days.


Ang Pagkain ng Halo-Halo


Ang pagkain ng espesyal na halo-halo ay katulad ng pag-ibig

Kainin muna ang nasa taas

Ice cream, leche flan o minatamis na langka

Huwag hayaang matunaw ang ice cream.

Baka malusaw ang pag-ibig at di mo manamnam



Haluin ang yelo at ang ibang sangkap

Tikman ang asukal kung tama na

Hindi sobra, hindi kulang

Upang di matunaw ang yelo na may gatas,

kainin agad

Huwag patagalin

Pag nahanap mo na ang pag-ibig, huwag nang pakawalan


Ang mundo niyo ay makulay gaya ng mga sangkap

Walang iniwan, walang dapat itapon

Pagkat lahat ay bumubuo sa inyong kuwento.


I cannot resist

The lick of your tongue on my bare shoulders

As you touched the mouth of my goblet


I have to forget you,

To stop being captured

By your gaze

I melt

like ice dripping


Your body graphed against my skin

In an ebb and flow cycle

I fear being vulnerable

Two souls grappled for

that solace.